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In comparison to other parts of the body, we always ignore our feet. Most people take care of the face much more. But it is important for you to know that as much as our face needs care. The same happens to our feet too. Because the feet make beautiful flowers. Feet and hands also need care. And this is not only the fingernails of hands or feet, which are the most fragile part of our hands and feet, their proper care is also very important. Clean and healthy nails not only make hands and fingers beautiful, but also keep your body away from the germs of many germs and bacteria.

The biggest problem associated with hand legs

The biggest problem associated with the hands feet is their stupidity, and the roughness … with the torn eddy that ends the color of the feet. And in the summer days when we wear small and unshaven clothes, then the sun The harmful ultraviolet rays fall directly on the upper surface of our feet, from which the knees appear black.

General tips on caring for hands and feet at home

Arms- Each part of our body maintains the beauty of the body. And defines the beauty of the body. The beauty of the body is not just a face but it is connected to the body part. If you make the face beautiful, then first you look at the other part of the body when it does not look beautiful. How would you feel about yourself at that time?

Light moisturizer on your hands- When the skin is lifeless and dry, then the skin becomes stretched and stiffness. The effect of which is not only on your face but on other parts of the body. In such a situation, use a good body lotion or moisturizer, not just on your face but on the whole body. It works like a protective armor for the skin.

Cleansing of the skin: It is a common procedure for hair removal under the underarm. But it is very important to clean it from time to time. It does not get cleansed due to hair staining due to it. Therefore, one should use a good soap or dio to remove the stench.

Elbow care – The problem of elbows and knees is becoming a common problem, whose blackishness eliminates the whole beauty. To get rid of it, you should continue to scratch from time to time. It is very effective in removing dead skin. it happens. Also, while bathing the saucraber, clean the elbows and knees properly with it. Mixing lemon with cinnamon or mustard oil and putting it on the elbows and knees, the skin remains soft and the skin is not frozen.

Use a good sunscreen – You can burn your body in hot sunlight, by burning red in your body or using black spots to burn your skin, for that you use good sunscreen lotions.

If you are desperate for the beauty of hands, then you can enhance the beauty of your hands by manicure at home. Some ways to do this-


First, gather all the ingredients for the Manicure Spa. Then take lukewarm water in a bowl. And add some rose leaves, four to five drops of Essential Oil and a little salt.
Manicure spray the antiseptic lavender on your hand before the spa. Hands of fungus are removed from the antiseptr.
Now pour water to your hands. Put your hands in water for a while. Then put mild shampoo in it and clean it with light hands.
If your nails are big, then cut them with a nail cutter. After the hand is cleansed, make a proper remix. Then keep your hands in water.
Get out of hand after five minutes. After this, massage your asses with essential oil for five minutes. Scrub the sandalwood on hands after the process of mass massage is over. The hands are soft and clean. Leave this pack for 20 minutes.
Now wash the pack and now massage the creams with hands. Apply nail pants to the nails after this entire process so that hands are more attractive.

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