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The long-standing dreams of men and women of short stature may seem out of reach. You probably can not change your natural stature, but the right clothes and accessories can help you look taller. Vertical patterns, solid color and good fittings can lead to confusion of length.

Wear vertical lines and avoid duplicate prints: wear pinstripes, plates and vertical zippers. Vertical lines attract eyes to look up and down, making the eyes record more length than the width. On the other hand, the cross lines take the eyes from right to the left, so that the eyes record more than the length of the length.

Match your colors or wear the same color: By wearing different colors, the body of the person is divided into different parts. By wearing uniform or surrounding colors, you create a solid line for the viewer. The less parts your body will divide, the greater the delusion of length.

Wear solid colors and small patterns: By wearing large patterns the person looks small, especially if he is already small then. Solid color and small patterns, reduce the height of the wearer, look good.

Do not wear loose clothes: Those who wear loose clothes can look deformed in their clothes. From this they will actually appear more than the wider and the smaller ones.

Keep your posture right: If you are tilted due to the dirty positories and bad core strength, then you will definitely look younger than your height. Yoga, rowing and other conditioning exercises can help a lot.

Stay Confident: Those who are Confident, they look taller than those who are of equal stature but are not Confident.

Tips for Women:-

Keep hair short: Long hair can immobilize younger women. The hair does not affect your height to the shoulders.

Keep the hair above: If you prefer long hair, then make them high ponytail, in the joints or any other way. Hair rising several inches above the head increases your stature. And yet, keeping the hair behind you do not let them drown.

Add layers or highlights in the hair: Long, straight hair hang nit in a layer, the most heavily influenced. Adding layers or highlights breaks the rhythm of long hair, so you might not even look younger.

Wear Heels: Whether you wear half-inch heels or 3 inches, this shoe increases, which helps you look taller. Choose thick heels instead of thick heels. Thin heels make your shape look good and vertical, while your feet can be heavy with thick heels.

Wear open slippers or sandals from the front: showing more skin of your feet is an extremely easy way to increase the presence of height. The more you see on the skin, the more visible your legs will look. The longer your legs appear, the longer you look taller.

Do not wear ankle strapped slippers: Ankle-Straps cut your legs from a horizontal line. This reduces the length of your leg along with the height of your stature.

Take deep, vertical neckline tops: The deep v-neck forces the eyes to look down from the top. On the other hand, crew neck and other horizontally move the nettle eyes right from left to right.

Minimize your skirt’s hemline: Hemline that ends on the knee or it looks very good on women with small and normal stature. By showing more legs, your legs are long, thereby increasing the confusion of stature.

Wear uniform colors on your feet and feet: If you are going to wear a dress with empty legs, wear a skin shoe. If you are going to wear dark-wash jeans or black slacks, wear a black shoe with it. Wearing a single color on legs and legs makes it difficult to tell where the leg ends and where the feet begin. This makes your legs long.

Wear high-witted basms: The figure naturally assumes that the shank starts with the waist. Keeping your Westline above your hips takes your legs long, which makes you look taller. Therefore, do not wear pants hanging below the West. Your legs will look younger than them.

Wear thin belts instead of wide belts: The thin belt can help define your figure and looks good too. The wide belt will define your figure, but its thick line will divide you into two parts, which will make you look younger rather than taller.

Wear long, dangable accessories: wear long scarves and necklaces. These things attract eyes down from the top, from which the viewer sees your full stature.

Do not use too large bags: Hanging heavy bags on the shoulder and on the back, you look more broad than the waist and hip. Whenever you force your eyes to see the width, you will remove their attention from the height. Shoulder bags with shorter clutches and slim straps are a better option.

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