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Tips for Men 

Add height to your hairstyle: keep your hair short by the side and thicker than the top. The excess amount above, combined with reduced amount of side combines several inches on your stomach. This method works especially when you make spikes with the help of jail.

Think of wearing heel inserts in your shoes: Heel inserts enter your shoes and lift your feet one or more inches above it. This increases your height physically. But if you have to drop shoes somewhere, do not insert heel inserts. If the heels of your shoes are already thick, do not even insert heel inserts.

Wear simple heal dress shoe: Some shoes look perfect even with half-inch heels, but you should carefully choose the right style. For best results, wear loafer pumps or boots. Do not wear sports shoes or dress shoes with only an additional heel.

Wear cropped jackets: Normally, wearing jackets will make you look wide, which increases your height and causes the illusion of height. To increase this illusion, wear such a crotped jacket whose lower hem ends in a straight line. This will make your legs look more, so that they will take long and you will look taller with long legs.

Thin Necktie Wear: The thin necktie makes a slim, vertical line, from which the eyes are attracted from above. Due to the thickness of the thick tie, this policy does not work well.

Put thin folds and a small cuff on your wrist: a taller man usually wears a suit in such a way that under his jacket, he can see half an inch of his shirt’s cuff. Wear your suit so that only one fourth of your cuff is visible. Compared to the thick horizontal line, the thin horizontal length seems to be longer. Similarly, thin folds on the collar decreases the width of those folded folds. Generally, the lesser you look, the longer you look, the longer it will look longer.

Keep your casual shirts short, but not too small: With short shirts, your legs are more visible, so they look much longer and your entire stature. Wear such shirts that end up around your thumb. However, small shirts may be too small for you. Take care of it.

Fix your pants so that it reaches your lace lace: very long pants go down and collect. This leads you to your small height. Pants and jeans must be hem so that they reach the lace of your shoes. Do not wear pants that have to be folded up. This creates a thick horizontal line, so your legs will look smaller.

Wear pants that come to your natural waste: From the hanging jeans, your legs look thick and small. Wear the pants on your natural waste to maximize the length of your legs.

Wear dark colored pants: wearing dark colored colors makes your legs look thin and long. Wear black dress pants and dark wash jeans.

Wear accessories in the upper part of the body: Place a pocket skewer or bright tie to add a detail to a suit. Wear casual shirts that have upper pockets. When you wear accessories in the upper part of the body, the eyes of the beholder go from your feet to the head, which makes your stomach much higher.

Do not draw attention to your organs by wearing shorts and short sleeves shirts: Nuts are soaked because their limbs are small. Shirts and bottoms that draw attention to your limbs only insist that your limbs are not long. Wear long clothes with light clothes in the beginning of summer. This will keep you cool without attracting attention to your organs. Keep shorts and short sleeved shirts for unbearable hot weather.
Keep a good picture even while sitting. Make sure your back is sticky in style with the chair.
Stand straight Good posture can add a little inch to your height. By bowing, you seem to be small and fat. Keep your shoulders slightly below and just stand upright.
Be lean and fit. Thin people look taller. The obese people seem to be much smaller than their reality. While standing, the human body is like a vertical line. This vertical shape appears more quickly on thin people, while on obese people it is difficult to find it.
If you are a man, then spike your hair upwards.

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